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CNG Conversion and Transportation, Energy Efficiency & Emission Reduction

CNG; ” Compressed Natural Gas ” or “Compressed Natural Gas” so called natural gas at high pressure 200/250 bar, in particular with compressor and compressed form. […]

Business Development and Project Development Methods

With the increasing supply of Turkey’s electricity market and market liberalization significant progress has maintained its status as a strong and growing market for last 10 […]

Investment Climate in Turkey

ADVANTAGES OF INVESTMENT ENVIRONMENT IN TURKEY 1. Developing Economy ♦ Increase in services and industry ♦ A booming economy with domestic and foreign investors 2. Young […]

Energy Projects and Importance of the Energy Consulting

Energy Projects carry important opportunities in line with the needs of investors and industry . Of course, in order to be successful in these Energy Investment and Projects , legislation and technological developments need to be closely monitored . The organization […]

Energy Start-Up Projects Are Important for Turkey and The World

The fact that Turkey is importing most of the energy resources and System & Equipment use leads us to produce alternative solutions. We are strategically important and 70 percent of […]

Energy Storage Systems

Energy Storage System’s costs will start to spread decreases. Generating electricity from renewable energy sources that do not harm the environment is becoming more widespread in the world. However, the wind does not always blow […]

Energy Generation Projects from Waste Gas & Waste Are Expanding

Disposal Methods of Biodegradable (Organic ) Solid Wastes : There are generally there main methods about disposal of Waste ( domestic , industrial , animals , etc. ) Thermochemical ( Gasification, Incineration , Pyrolysis , Biomass , […]