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Türkiye'deki Yatırım Ortamı

Investment Environment in Turkey

Investment Climate Advantages in Turkey

1. Developing Economy

  • Increase in the service and industry sector
  • Developing and dynamic economy with domestic and foreign investors

2. Young Population

  • Most populous young population compared to EU
  • An educated, dynamic and multicultural young population
  • Half of the population is under the age of 30

3. Qualified and Competitive Workforce

  • Annual average of 610,000 graduates from more than 193 universities
  • Over 700,000 high school graduates, half of whom are from vocational and technical high schools

4. Equal Treatment of All Investors

5. International Arbitration

6. Transfer Guarantee

7. Advanced Transportation Network and Logistics Facilities

  • international transport network

8. Positional Advantages

  • Central location
  • An efficient geography


9. Europe’s Energy Corridor and Terminal

  • Important energy terminal and gateway connecting East and West
  • Renewable Energy Potential

10. Low Taxes and Incentives

  • 20% reduction in Corporate Tax
  • Full or partial exemption from Corporate Tax
  • Opportunity to support employers’ social security expenses
  • Solutions to alleviate employer burden in taxes applied within the scope of Technology Development Zones, Industrial Zones and Free Zones and land allocation in these zones
  • R&D Law
  • Incentives for strategic, large-scale and regional investments

11. Customs Union and Free Trade Agreements

Customs Union Agreement in force with the EU since 1996 and Free Trade Agreement with 20 countries
New Free Trade Agreements focused on the interests of investors
Accession negotiations with the EU


12. Competitive Advantages in Cultural Geography

A geography where Middle Eastern, Central Asian and African cultures coexist


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