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Renewable energy record from Turkey!

Turkey has achieved significant success in the field of renewable energy. According to the statements of Alparslan Bayraktar, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, 78.5 percent of Turkey’s daily electricity production on April 12 was met from renewable energy sources.

Turkey reduces the current account deficit with renewable energy!

Minister Bayraktar emphasized that renewable energy is critical in tackling Turkey’s current account deficit and climate change. The increase in the occupancy rate of dams due to heavy rainfall, especially in the first quarter of the year, and sunny weather conditions increased the share of hydraulic and other renewable energy sources in electricity generation.

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According to data obtained on April 12, hydraulic energy from dams had the highest share with 24.52 percent, followed by wind energy with 20.93 percent, river energy with 12.80 percent, and solar energy with 11.27 percent. Minister Bayraktar also stated that such energy sources are important in ensuring Turkey’s energy supply security, reducing foreign dependency, and achieving carbon neutrality targets.

Renewable energy investments are planned to increase. In this context, an additional capacity of 7,500 megawatts for unlicensed renewable investments was announced at the beginning of 2024. This new capacity will be made available, especially to industrialists.

In addition, Bayraktar stated that 3.5 GW solar and 1.5 GW wind power plants will be commissioned annually until 2035, aiming to increase the share of renewable energy in production to 55 percent. During this period, 74.8 percent of the electricity generated in a one-week period with the effect of the holiday was provided from renewable sources.

April 12, 2024, breakdown of generation by sources:

Energy SourceProduction(%)
Waste Heat0.41
Natural Gas2.15
Fuel Oil0.36
Imported Coal9.81
Stone Coal1.37