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Energy Storage

The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) published the Regulation on Storage Activities in the Electricity Market in the Official Gazette on May 9, 2021. Within the scope of the regulation, companies holding a supply license will be able to establish independent energy storage facilities, while companies with generation licenses will be able to establish storage facilities for distribution companies and TEİAŞ as grid operators.

Within the scope of the Electricity Market Law, in the regulation published to determine the procedures and principles regarding the establishment of electricity storage units or facilities, their connection to the transmission or distribution system, and their use in market activities, pumped storage hydroelectric power plants and uninterruptible power sources installed to be used during power cuts are covered. was left out. In the definitions article, “electricity storage facility” is defined as “the facility that can store electrical energy and deliver the stored energy to the system”, while it is also divided into facilities that are detached, integrated into the generation or consumption facility, and to be established by the network operators.



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