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Energy Performance Contract (EPS and ESCO) Investment Models

A. ESCO Model

ESCO (Energy Service Company) basically designs and implements energy saving projects, guarantees the energy saving performance to be provided, provides/mediates the financing necessary for the implementation of the projects, and provides and implements the energy supply when necessary, in order to ensure more efficient use of energy in businesses. It is a business model in which risk management is carried out regarding projects.

ESCO Firms determine the legal framework of the project to be created to increase energy efficiency by making Energy Performance Agreements with their customers.


What is an Energy Performance Contract (EPS)?

In the Energy Efficiency Law No. 5627, the “energy performance contract” is defined as follows: ‘A contract based on the principle of guaranteeing the energy savings to be achieved after the implementation project and paying the expenditures with the savings that will occur as a result of the implementation.


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B. Build Operate Transfer (BOT) Model

Why EPS?

  • Project finance is outsourced
  • ESCO manages all processes itself, that is, the project is implemented on a turnkey basis.
  • ESCO undertakes the performance guarantee of the project
  • The repayment of the financing used is made with the savings provided.
  • Energy costs are reduced
  • The competitiveness of the business increases
  • ESCO Firm undertakes risk management
  • Greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint are reduced
  • There is minimal risk to the business

How Does the EPS Process Work?

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We share the happiness of having successfully completed one of Turkey’s first “Energy Performance Contract (EPS)” Model Roof Solar Power Plant (GES) Projects together with TEK Energy: BURULAŞ (Bursa Transportation Public Transport Inc.), a subsidiary of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, 30 In accordance with the provisions of the Technical Specification for Bursaray HRS Stations, SPP installations with a total power of 2.4 MWe have been completed. With the electrical energy to be obtained from the sun; 47 percent of the domestic needs of 30 stations will be met from solar energy. Based on a 10-year period, the 45 million kWh energy need of the stations will be met by 21 million kWh from the sun, and BURULAŞ Company, which is on the way to become carbon neutral, will provide significant savings.



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