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Wind Turbine Production/ International Know-How Transfer Project

Due to our international network in the Energy and Industry sector;

• Establishment of project partnership between domestic and foreign organizations.
• We also provide services in establishing “strategic and financial” partnerships for various projects in international markets.

In this context, together with Convex Company;

With more than 30 years of experience, it is in the leading position in the field of international wind turbine design and has more than 17.000 MW turbines (turbine design sizes of 2 MW-12 MW, onshore and offshore) produced under license.

The said company is the only one in this field that can design and manufacture control systems (converter, yaw, pitch systems, turbine software, etc.) is the company.



Phone: (0216) 455 85 90

Barbaros Mah. Halk Cad. Palladium Residence A Blok- No:8 A/3 Ataşehir/İstanbul

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