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Energy Storage Systems

Energy Storage Systems will begin to become widespread as their costs decrease.

Generating electricity from renewable energy sources that do not harm the environment is becoming more and more common in the world. But the wind does not always blow or the sun does not shine. Therefore, we have to store electrical energy.

Thanks to the energy storage technology of energy grid operators; They can easily meet the instant need with large Storage Systems that will be activated in a few seconds during peak electricity consumption hours. Therefore, there is no need to invest in a new additional power plant for security of supply, and the capacity utilization rates and efficiency of existing power plants will increase. Energy Storage Systems will be especially important for Renewable Energy Companies whose YEKDEM (Renewable Energy Support Mechanism) period will expire in the future.

As it is known, it can be done in 3 ways for Energy:

The first of these can be made Mechanically (Pumping Storage, Flywheel, Compressed Air), the second Electrochemical (Battery-Battery Systems) and the third Electrical (capacitor, superconducting magnetic coil).

Electrochemical (battery) storage systems are widely used in the world, especially in the USA, Western Europe, Japan, China and South Korea. Recently, we have heard that Germany is also making an attack on this issue.
As far as we know, there are several companies working in Turkey. One of them; As far as we know, the electrical behavior of the Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage System (EDS), which is currently being tested, is monitored and evaluated on a certain load.

On the other hand, another Turkish company has recently introduced Turkey’s First and Only Domestic Energy Storage System, 100% self-produced. They announced that they have now introduced the ‘Energy Storage System’, which is currently being used in projects in the UK, to the national energy market. A proud work for our country
Regarding Energy Storage, the following issues need to be evaluated in detail:

  • Future Technologies in Storage
  • International Applications in Energy Storage
  • Legislation and Incentive Practices in Energy Storage
  • Business – Investment Models in Energy Storage

Energy Storage Systems have the potential to develop rapidly and we will begin to see very common applications from now on.