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Landfill Gazından Elektrik Üretimi

Electricity Generation from Landfill Gas

  1. The gas collected by Horizontal/Vertical piping is transferred to the compressor with the main line.
  2. It is directed to the flare or gas engine to burn the gas.
  3. Electricity is obtained by the alternator driven by the mechanical energy of the engine.

By using the heat released, the power plant can be converted into a cogeneration plant if desired. On the other hand, Biogas facilities are not just an energy and fertilizer facility, they are not an environmental project, they are a national project. Biogas plants are also a disposal facility, and if they are also supported by the Ministry of Environment, their number will increase even more. Considering that there are about 10,500 Plants in Germany and over 7500 even in Denmark, it is obvious how open the opportunity for improvement is in this regard.

Energy Production Projects from Landfill Gas and Waste, the continuation of the YEKDEM (Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism) mechanism, which is available in our country, after 2020 will further increase the number of facilities in this field.