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Unlicensed – Self Consumption Power Plants (Factories/Organizations Producing Their Own Energy)

It is aimed that all electricity consumers who have investment opportunities within the framework of the “Unlicensed Electricity Generation Regulation in the Electricity Market,” published by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), will be able to produce the energy they consume from the sun or any renewable energy source.

With the said regulation; It has become possible to establish an electricity production facility to meet the consumption of real electricity consumers, and to sell as much as it consumes and to get the return on its investment within a reasonable period of time.
It is now possible to associate the electricity generation facility on the roof of the investor with the consumption facility at a different measurement point. By making arrangements to set off unlicensed generation facilities established or to be established by OIZ legal entities with the OIZ main meters, it has become possible for these facilities to reduce the direct electricity costs of the OIZ participants.


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