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Turkey: A Prime Destination for Energy Investments – Intercon’s Expertise

Investors seeking lucrative opportunities in the energy sector are increasingly turning their attention to Turkey. Turkey offers a compelling investment landscape with its strategic location, favorable market conditions, abundant resources, and government support. With the expert guidance and consultancy services provided by Intercon, a renowned energy investment consultancy firm, this article explores why investors choose Turkey as their preferred destination.

Geographical Advantage:

Turkey boasts a strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East that positions it as a gateway for energy trade and transit. The country’s geographical advantage allows for easy access to primary energy markets, enabling investors to tap into regional opportunities and expand their market reach. Intercon’s in-depth knowledge of the energy landscape in Turkey helps investors navigate market dynamics and capitalize on the country’s strategic position.

Thriving Energy Market:

Turkey’s energy market presents a robust and dynamic environment for investors. The country has a growing population, a rapidly expanding economy, and increasing energy consumption. This combination creates a strong energy demand and allows investors to provide innovative solutions. Intercon assists investors in identifying market segments, understanding consumer needs, and formulating effective market entry strategies.


Abundant and Diverse Energy Resources:

Turkey possesses diverse energy resources, including coal, natural gas, hydro, wind, solar, and geothermal. This rich resource base provides investors various options to explore and invest in different energy sectors. Intercon’s expertise enables investors to assess the viability of specific resources, identify the most promising projects, and optimize resource utilization.

Favorable Investment Environment:

The Turkish government has implemented policies and incentives to attract foreign direct investment in the energy sector. These include streamlined licensing procedures, transparent regulatory frameworks, financial incentives, and tax benefits. Intercon’s consultancy services provide investors with a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory environment, ensuring compliance and maximizing investment returns.

Infrastructure Development:

Turkey is committed to developing robust energy infrastructure, including transmission lines, distribution networks, storage facilities, and interconnection projects. This commitment enhances the energy system’s reliability, efficiency, and resilience, creating opportunities for investors to participate in infrastructure development projects. Intercon’s expertise in navigating the infrastructure landscape helps investors identify viable projects, assess risks, and optimize infrastructure investments.

Focus on Renewable Energy:

Turkey has set ambitious targets to increase the share of renewable energy in its energy mix. This focus on renewables presents significant opportunities for investors. The government offers attractive incentives to support renewable energy projects, such as feed-in tariffs and guaranteed purchase agreements. Intercon guides investors in identifying suitable renewable energy projects, assessing project viability, and maximizing the potential for sustainable returns.


Investors choose Turkey as a prime destination for energy investments due to its strategic location, thriving energy market, abundant resources, favorable investment environment, infrastructure development, and focus on renewable energy. Intercon’s consultancy services provide invaluable expertise and guidance, enabling investors to navigate the complex Turkish market, identify optimal projects, and maximize investment returns. With Intercon as a trusted partner, investors can capitalize on the vast opportunities presented by Turkey’s energy sector and contribute to the country’s sustainable and prosperous energy future.