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İş Geliştirme ve Proje Geliştirme Metotları

Business Development and Project Development Methods

The Turkish electricity market has remained a strong and growing market in the last 10 years, thanks to increasing demand and significant progress in market liberalization. The share of private enterprises in the electricity sector has increased and reached 75%. The establishment of EPİAŞ (EXIST), responsible for spot electricity exchanges, has further accelerated the electricity market. The ability of generation companies to sell their electricity on a transparent platform minimizes financial and political risks. Renewable Energy Production Projects
(Hydroelectric, Wind, Solar, Waste, Biogas, Geothermal, etc.) There are processes such as project development, investment, merger etc. in the energy market.

It can offer options to those who want to buy power plants that are already in operation or that have not been put into operation yet. While operating power plants allow investors to reduce the investment cost and enter the market quickly, non-operating power plants have the potential to be invested in upgrading the facility or transferring it partially or completely to more favorable markets.
Energy Project Development Stages Generally consists of the following steps.

  • Site Selection
  • Field Development Studies
  • Map and Engineering Studies
  • Measurement Studies
  • feasibility studies
  • Technical and administrative due-diligence
  • License Application
  • Allocation and/or Expropriation Processes
  • Specification and Bid Evaluation Services
  • Project Planning and Supervision Services
  • Energy Calculations and Evaluation of Data
  • Facility Installation, Maintenance and Repair Services

For example; The YEKA (Renewable Energy Resource Area) application, which started in Turkey, draws attention in the world. YEKA is “large-scale resource areas to be established on public and treasury immovables and immovables subject to private ownership”. In other words, it is the allocation of large public lands to be utilized with power plants. According to the regulation, these areas can be developed by YEGM in two ways or as connection capacity allocation for YEKA purposes. In the first method, YEGM will evaluate the maps, technical evaluations regarding the amount and duration of radiation through its experts, and application can be made for the clarified field after the necessary permit/approval procedure. In the second method, the connection capacity allocation method, a faster investment process is envisaged after the connection tender. The permissions to be taken in this method will be taken by the investing company, however; According to the regulation, an application will be carried out “within good faith” during this permit process.

1- Natural Gas Market Business Development / Project Development Services

  • Shale Gas Research and Development Projects
  • Natural Gas Import and Transmission
  • Urban Natural Gas Distribution Projects
  • Natural Gas Storage
  • CNG,LNG Projects


2- Developing Mining Projects

Studies can be carried out on the development of projects both in our country and in other countries regarding Mineral & Underground Resources, which are very important in the world.

  • Metallic Mines
  • Geothermal ResourcesLife,
  • Shale Gas, Shale Oil


Energy – Environment – Gas – Mining Investment Consultancy/Acquisition and Merger

Investors who want to operate in these areas require the following studies, from technical & financial feasibility studies to market and regulation research.

  • Market Analysis Report
  • Identification of Investment Instruments
  • Investment Analysis Reports
  • Legislation Analysis

Business Development / Project Development creates significant opportunities in line with the needs of the Investors and the Industry. Of course, in order to be successful in these Energy Investments and Projects, it is necessary to follow the legislation and technological developments closely. Here, it is inevitable for organizations that do not have Energy Experts to receive Energy Consulting Services. Because in Energy Projects, there are studies that need to be done in a wide range at all stages of the projects. It is necessary to carry out the necessary studies with experts from different disciplines within the framework of technical and legal legislation.

In order to achieve the necessary goals and to receive professional service, it may be necessary to work with National & International organizations when necessary. It should be able to melt the local culture and global information in the same pot and present it to the investors, keeping itself up to date from the persons or institutions whose service will be provided.

In order to be successful in Business Development / Project Development studies, it is necessary to have a wide network (business network) and at the same time to have the necessary information about the regulations related to investments. For such cases, it will be beneficial to have a Business Development-Project Development Consultant Company such as Intercon.